Play Therapy

Play is the child’s language, and toys are their words. Play therapy is an evidence-based practice supporting the child in making sense of their world when their world feels chaotic as in divorce, grief, and trauma. Play Therapy using Sand Tray allows children a safe psychological distance from their problems and allows them to express their true thoughts and feelings in ways best suited to their developmental level. Play Therapy allows a child to express their feelings, build social skills, and relieve stress.

Children choose toys from the play therapy room to express the different emotions and play out scenarios that are confusing to the child to gain better understanding. As a Pediatric Mental Health Therapist, I track their activity and reflect back to the child their nonverbals to assure them that I am following and understanding their play.

Some major behavioral problems addressed with play therapy:
● Divorce
● Anger management
● Grief and loss
● Abandonment
● Crisis and trauma
● Anxiety
● Sensory Seeking Behaviors
● Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)/attention deficit disorder (ADD)
● Social development

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