Children and Anxiety

Most children will have anxieties at different ages, and they will often resolve with support and reassurance from family members.  Like adults they can feel anxiety when they have school pressures, or social struggles that the child is able to feel better after receiving some support from the adults in their life.

Some more traumatic events that can create anxiety with a child are if parents’ divorce or they move to a new neighborhood or must change school or there is a death or loss of a loved one. 

Signs and symptoms that your child may exhibit:

  • Difficulty concentrating in school
  • Not eating regularly
  • Having more bad dreams or sleep walking
  • Changes in their mood – getting angrier more easily or having anger outbursts
  • Constantly worrying and having negative thoughts
  • Appearing tense, fidgety, or picking at their skin or scalp
  • They could appear clingier than usual.
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