Coping Skills

Coping Strategies

Coping strategies are ways that we address/manage a negative emotional or life situation. 

Unhealthy coping strategies may include:

  • avoidance by procrastination
  • avoidance by use of a substance (drug or alcohol)
  • avoidance through sleeping
  • overeating
  • having physically violent outbursts
  • criticize yourself.

Although some of these unhealthy coping strategies may temporarily remove some of the stress, there is always the potential of the problem becoming even greater over time.

Healthy coping strategies may include:

  • lower your expectations.
  • ask others for assistance.
  • use some problem-solving techniques.
  • make a list of things to do in moving toward resolution of the situation.
  • balance working on the issue with engaging in pleasurable activities.
  • challenge yourself in the resolution of the situation.
  • learn and practice personal boundaries.
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