Divorce is one of the risk factors for mental health disorders.  During and for some time after a divorce there is a feeling of being unbalanced and not connected to other and unable to meet life’s challenges.  There can be depression, anxiety and loneliness often lasting for one to two years. 

After divorce that can be increase feelings of anger, exhaustion, frustration, and financial struggles.  All of these can create situations where it is difficult to feel functional in life and work as the struggle of being a single parent now consumes energy and time for any self-care. With a contentious divorce there can be more trauma symptoms leading to self-blame, isolation, depression, insomnia, panic attacks, and feeling overwhelmed.

Why Therapy?

  • Healing from the trauma
  • Grief and loss of the relationship
  • Healing from the depression and anxiety
  • Gaining clearer perspective
  • Discovering who you are now as a single person/parent
  • Learning healthy coping strategies
  • Learning healthy ways to communicate with ex-spouse
  • Parenting tools as a single parent
  • Healthy ways to move on
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